1. WORSHIP INFORMATION (joint worship)
Speaker: Robin Park
Title: Are you a disciple?
Bible Texts: 1 Corinthians 11:1
Children’s Story: Grace Chung

Adult Sabbath School – 10:00-10:50am.
Children’s Sabbath School – 10:00 am
Beginners: Elena Saesim
Kinder: Angie Liao
Primary: Jimmy Lee
Juniors: Ruth Chang

We will begin having an Adventurers Club (1st-4th) with Little Lambs (preschool 3-4) and Eager Beavers (Kindergarteners) and a small Pathfinders (5th grade and up)! Please note, our first meeting will be September 27th after church from 12:30-2:00 (roughly). A request was made that dads be more responsible for this program! If you or your husband can be dedicated to helping, please let me know! We will meet once a month (last Sabbath of the month, except for like December probably and November if Thanksgiving is in the last week)! Registration is $65 for the year; covers everything except you will need to get navy blue slacks for boys, skirt/jumper/bottom for girls and a short sleeve collared shirt !!! The official one is at:http://www.adventsource.org/as30/store-productList.aspx?cat=1300. Ruth will be placing an order 9/22, monday! Please let her know size and products you would like to order. If we bulk order we may be able to save a little on shipping! Also, Adventurers will need to order sashes so let Ruth know as soon as possible if you would like to participate!

3. Softball Tournament – October 5th. Please contact Sam Sa at 415-680-5821 if you’d like to play in the softball tournament.

4. Small Group. We have groups that meet on Fridays and after Sabbath. Fall Small Group Ministry is from October 4th to November 22nd. It is the 8 weeks small group meetings along with “Fall Party” “Friendship Day” and “Celebration Day.” Please plan your personal/family schedule around it and pray for the success of the small group ministry. More information will be available soon.

Our small group theme will be “The Spiritual Gifts from God”

Important dates:

Fall party November 1st

Friendship Day November 15th

Celebration Sabbath: November 22nd