This week’s Sabbath is Celebration Sabbath, November 22nd. We want to celebrate as we close our 8 week small group session. How do we celebrate? By sharing “God stories” with each other of how God has blessed us in the past 8 weeks!!!

Communion Service : As we drink the cup and eat the bread, we reflect on Christ’s sacrifice and His soon return. Please prepare your hearts as we take part in this very special ceremony.
Bible Texts: John 6:53-58

Children’s Story: Grace Chung

We are now officially signed up to accept online tithe and offerings through the Adventist Giving website! The link is on our church website under “Give” – All you have to do is register for an account and you can get started at any time. Our church cannot run without your generosity and support! As Pastor Robin and Dean have been announcing, due to lower than anticipated donation income over the first 3 quarters of the year, we’re trying to make up a 40% budget deficit (particularly for Church Growth and Conference Tithe) in the last quarter (next 3 months). YLSDA needs our help, and now we can contribute online… so thank you in advance! Please contact Michelle Park ( if you have any questions.

It’s almost Thanksgiving time again, which means that it’s time for our church family to give thanks for all of our blessings and share with our community again as well! We’ll be collecting food items for the Second Harvest Food Bank of OC from November 1st through 22nd- just 4 Sabbaths to bring in your canned, boxed, or otherwise non-perishable items in for donation! As before, to promote a healthy diet, whenever possible we encourage donations of foods that are reduced in sodium, sugar, or fat and contain no trans fatty acids. No glass containers, please!!

You may bring in any food items at any given week, but here’s our general themes for this upcoming drive:
November 1st- CARBS CARBS CARBS!! (pasta, mac&cheese, ramen, cereal, crackers, rice, etc…)
November 8th- VEGGIES & PROTEIN (canned tuna, beans, carrots, etc…)
November 15th- FRUIT (canned cranberry sauce!, fruit cups, dried fruit, juice boxes)
November 22nd- MEALS IN A CAN (stew, chili, soup)

**The collecting boxes will be located next to the worship hall entrance.

3. Gym night November 22nd. We have gym night at La Sierra University Gym from 6:30-9:30pm, please join us.

Adult Sabbath School – 10:00-10:50am. Children’s Sabbath School – 10:00 am

ADVENTURERS is this Sabbath right after church! PLEASE have your child wear his/her entire uniform with all badges ironed (or return them if you can’t fit them on!) so that I can see what everyone is missing! There are a couple of you who still need to pay for registration! 😉 Please turn that in asap! =0) Thank you! At the end of our meeting, we will be giving out the first of the badges that our children have earned!!! YAY!

We have groups that meet on Fridays and after Sabbath. Fall Small Group Ministry is from October 4th to November 22nd. It is the 8 weeks small group meetings along with “Fall Party” “Friendship Day” and “Celebration Day.” You can participate in one of the following 6 small groups:

a. Yorba Linda Small Group at various locations. This group meets every Sabbath afternoon. The facilitators are Dean Liao & Ruth Chang. Please contact Dean at 949-302-5052/

b. Yorba Linda Campus Small Group at church. This group meets every Friday (beginning October 10) at 7pm. The facilitator is Phil Hou. Please contact Phil at 909-965-5558/

c. Loma Linda Small Group at various locations. This group meets every Friday (beginning October 10) at 7:30pm. The facilitator is Danny Saesim. Please contact him at 951-505-9779/

d. Loma Linda Campus Small Group at Steven Lee’s house. This group meets every Friday (beginning October 10) at 6:00pm. The facilitator is Gina Kang. Please contact her at 678-477-2948/

e. Church Small Group at YLSDA church. This group meets every Sabbath at 1:30pm (beginning October 11). The facilitator is Andy Park. Please contact him at 916-531-4036/

f. Yorba Linda KM Small Group at church. This group meets every Sabbath at 1:30pm (beginning October 11). The facilitator is Robert Lee. Please contact him at 714-422-9842.

Our small group theme will be “The Spiritual Gifts from God”
Important dates:

Annual YL Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner: November 29th at 4 pm. We are going to Kim & Robin’s house at 4pm (1942 Country Club Drive, Redlands, CA 92373) for the annual YL thanksgiving potluck. If you haven’t already, please check our Facebook page and sign up to bring something.

Christmas Party: December 13th. Please mark your calendars!! For more information, contact Kim Im.