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Yorba Linda SDA Church Announcements March 28th‏
Yorba Linda SDA Church Announcements March 28th
Yorba Linda
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To: Esther Cha, Jeremy Mumu, Jonathan Mamahit, Justin Kim, Suzanne Nimmo, Daniel Park, Steven Lee, Adam Yang, Alex Lee, Alfi Park, Allison Seo, Andrew Kwon, Andy Park, Angela Yang, Angie Liao, Angie Park, Annie Ahn, Ariel Park, Billy Chang, Brian Jun, Brittanee Corumpis, Burt Choi, Byung Hak Lee, Chang jo Chung, Chang-yeon Ko, Charlene Jo, Chris Chung, Claudia French, Craig Chung, Daniel Pak, Danny Jo, Danny Saesim, Danny Shon, David Jo, David Lee, David Yoo Yoo, Dean Liao, Diana Chung, Diane Kim, Dongsoo Kim, Douglas Kim, Eddie Chang, Edward Chun, Edward Kim, Eileen Park, Elena Kim-Saesim, Esther Pak Lee, Eunice Choi, Frank Kim, Goo-rak Lee, Grace & Stephen Lee (Eunbene), Grace Chung, Heidi Choi Tan, Helen Chang,, Hye-sook Lee, Hyun-sook Shon, Ida Park, isaac kim, Jacob Jung, James Lee, James Lee, James Park, Jee Bae, JEEYOUNG BAE, Jennifer Pak, Jessica Son Sanchez, Jihye Yoo, Jimmy Chung, Jin Shin Kim, John Choe, John Han, Jolanda Kumakaw, Jong-min Kang, Joowon Yoon, Joseph Chung, Joseph Kim, Josh Lee, Karen Koo, Kenny Yoo, Kim Im, Kiwon Park, Laren Tan, Laura Jun, Linda Moon, Lori Jo,, Margaret Soh, Melinda Pak-Kim, Michelle Park, Minyoung Lee, Myung-hwan Kim, Nicole Izvernari, Paggie Kim, Paul Kim, Peter Do, Philip Hou, Rachel Koo, Ray Ho, Ricky Chung, Robin Im, Ronald & Sandra Jorgensen, Sae-jin Oh,, Sam Sa, Sarah Cho, Sarah Kang, Seung-nam Kim, Sharon Do Lee, Sharon Kim, Sharon Lee, Sonya Soyoung Ahn, Soohee Song, SooJin Leong, Steve Chang, Steve Song, Suk Dae Kwon, Sun Lim, Sung-Jin Choi,, Sylvia Koo, Tamara Ayoub, Tayler Park, Tillian Chiu, Tillian Chiu, William Kim, Youngshin Kim, Jean Ahn,, Kaitlyn Min, Ruth Chang, Dodger 99, Veronica Paeng, Justin Kim, Nelia Tortuya,, Erica Leong,,,

Speaker: Daniel Park
Sermon title: The Source of Happiness
Bible text: Romans 8:28-29


Adult Sabbath School – 10:00 am
Children’s Sabbath School – 10:00 am

Beginners: Grace Chung
Kindergarten: Ruth Chang
Primary: Kiwon Park
Juniors: Sharon Kim


This week is ADVENTURERS! Please come prepared!

Junior Deacons: Lincoln & Joshua Park

Memory Verses:
Beginners: Sing to the Lord. Psalm 98:1

Kinder: “We are looking forward to a new heaven.” 2 Peter 3:13, NIV

Primary: “ ‘This same Jesus . . . will come back

in the same way you have seen him go into heaven’ ” (Acts 1:11, NIV)

Juniors: “But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail.

And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers” (Luke22:32).


Please join us for Sabbath morning prayer meeting!
Prayer meeting starts at 9am, in room 201
Let us be united in praying for our brothers and sisters that need our spiritual support as a church. It is open to everyone! Come join us!

Pastor Robin will be in NY for a Bible Conference.
Please pray that the Holy Spirit will be with the meetings


Please read Steps to Christ chapters 5 & 6

“Please submit your outreach program ideas to Pastor Robin and DP
by THIS SATURDAY There will be prizes!”

Important small group events:

April 4 – Small group outreach program

April 11 – Friendship Day

April 18 – Church retreat

April 25 – Celebration Sabbath

1. Inland Empire group. This group meets every Friday.
The facilitators are Danny, Dean and Phil
Please contact Danny (, Dean(
or Phil ( for more information.

2. Orange County group. This group meets on Saturday afternoons.
The facilitators are Brian/Laura and Billy/Ruth.
Please contact Brian ( for more information.

3. Church small group. This group meets at church on Saturday afternoons.
The facilitators are Andy/Michelle and James/Angela.
Please contact Andy ( for more information.

4. Young Adults group. This group meets at church on Saturday afternoons.
The facilitators are Pastor DP and David/Debbie.
Please contact Pastor DP ( for more information.

5. Korean-Ministry group. This group meets at church on Saturday afternoons.
The facilitators are Robert Lee and Lori Jo. Please contact Robert at 714-422-9842.


Please join us for our annual YL church retreat!
We are so excited to have Tony Yang as our retreat speaker this year!
Tony uses his love of writing and storytelling as an author, speaker and lay pastor.
He’s the author of “Are You Sure You Want to Love God? (You Might Start Using the ‘O’ Word).” He also travels around the country preaching at churches, retreats and conferences. He currently serves as a lay pastor in Los Angeles.
This will be a weekend for all ages! We’ll have organized activities for the little ones and zip-lining and other activities for older folks.
Where: Forest Home in Forest Falls, CA (
Only 57 miles away from church!
Price: $80/adult, $40/child (3 and up) & campus

~Please remember to bring your fees this weekend!~
*Please talk to the pastors if you need church to subsidize your registration fee*

*Submit funny youtube/home videos!*
There will be prizes!!
You can send your videos to Kiwon Park (


If anyone’s interested in teaching the Adult Sabbath School class,
we have a training seminar at the Conference office (11330 Pierce St. Riverside, CA)
on Saturday, May 2, 2015 from 4-5:30pm.
If you’d like to go, please let Pastor DP know ASAP!

Guest speaker: Dr.Delbert Dunavant, church growth and evangelism director


We are invited to attend Upper Room Fellowship’s 20th Anniversary Celebration
worship service in the afternoon on April 25th.


We are now officially signed up to accept online tithe and offerings through theAdventist Giving website! The link is on our church website under “Give” –
All you have to do is register for an account and you can get started at any time.
Our church cannot run without your generosity and support. YLSDA needs our help, and now we can contribute online… so thank you in advance!
Please contact Michelle Park ( if you have any questions.