Kids’ Sabbath School

Welcome to Yorba Linda Children’s Sabbath School! Our church has a unique Sabbath School program that sets it apart from other SDA churches. At 10:00 am, our Sabbath school program beings with our young ones in a joint program with all Sabbath school classes in songs, offering, mission stories, and memory verse recitations. At 10:30, we then break up into lesson study.

Currently, our church has the following children’s Sabbath school lesson study classes:

Beginners (ages 0-2)
Kindergarten (ages 3-5)
Primary (ages 6-8)
Juniors (ages 9-12)

Kids’ Church Service

At the Yorba Linda Children’s church, children ages 0-12 can come and enjoy singing and worship at a grade school level. Starting at 11:00 am everyone worships together with adults in the main sanctuary. We participate in praise, announcements, offering, and a children’s story in the main sanctuary. At 11:30, after the offering, the children proceed to the Children’s Church where we participate in children’s friendly praise and a short sermon. We have a monthly birthday celebration and monthly crafts as well.

Parents of children older than 3 are encouraged to leave their children in the children’s church and enjoy the main worship service. We have parent and campus supervisors every week to ensure the safety of your child.

Parents of children younger than 3 are encouraged to worship quietly with your child in our children’s church. We ask that one parent per family be present in the room for these young ones.

You will enjoy a fun hands-on worship service at Yorba Linda church!