Saturdays from 10:00 am – 11:00am at the Cradle Roll & Kindergarten Ministry Room

The purpose of Cradle Roll & Kindergarten Ministry is to assist families by providing a safe and loving environment for their children. To provide an atmosphere of learning in which the children are exposed to biblical truth so that they may know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

For children from birth to those who are not yet crawling. Only adults care for the babies in this room.

For children who are crawling to those not yet walking. Adults only care for all babies in this room.

Early Walkers
For children who have begun to walk to those walking with proficiency.

For children who are confident walkers to children 23 months of age.

Young 2’s & Older 2’s
For two year olds to use.

Early Childhood (3 – 5 years old)
We then have a lesson from the Bible geared to their understanding, along with a craft that helps drive home the point of the lesson. A take home page for parent reinforcement of the Bible lesson is given to each child weekly. This hour is also geared to a child’s level of understanding.

Parent/Child Procedures

Drop Off

We ask parents to avoid entering the childcare room. The half door will be open at drop off and pick up. Separation Anxiety is a very natural thing for the child to go through.

Helpful hints for dropping off your child:

* Stay calm
* Pick up your children on time
* Avoid long good-byes
* Pass them to the nursery staff
* Reassure them with a smile

If your child does cry, we will do everything to calm them and reassure them. The more consistent you are in bringing your child to church the quicker your child will feel comfortable in the nursery.