Campus Ministries

Discovering what God has planned for you through encouragement is the goal of our Campus Ministries.  This is a great environment for students ranging from high school and up.  There are plenty of opportunities at Yorba Linda Church for students to also actively participate and develop skills to not only help a church but contribute in the community.  We want to give them a sense of ownership and belonging.

Teaching – One opportunity that our students of Campus Ministries have is the chance to teach the young children of the church.  They plan the lesson studies and help the program runs smoothly.

Music – Many of our students also help with the music program during main service.  From vocals to instruments, whatever their talent may be, there is a chance to contribute.  Being the most talented musician is not a requirement, just someone willing to share their gift.

Fellowship – Camping trips, bowling, to just hanging out, we are a close group that is always willing to grow.